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Societal Expectations

Grace Spears, Duluth, GA

Eating disorder, body image issues, whatever it was called killed me mentally and physically. I was so wrapped up in how I looked, and I punished myself for it by eating only 500 calories a day or less. I weighed myself at least twice a day, looked in the mirror every time I passed it and scolded myself for how fat I looked and became so weak that I could barely find the energy to go downstairs. I tried to avoid weekend parties and family outings and any occasion that involved food and no matter how many new lows I hit in my weight I wasn’t happy. I was hurting every single day, and the mask I wore at school would wear off the moment I got home. We’re surrounded by a society of fitness models, and expectations to be perfect or insta-worthy, and it’s hard to remember to love ourselves for who we are because no one’s perfect. We all have our flaws and our problems and the more we can open up about it, the more we can break the wall of expectations and learn to accept ourselves. You’re beautiful and what defines you is more than just how you look.

Growing stronger starts with the soul and the mind. Take control of your body by nourishing it, not punishing it. It’s been 6 months since I decided I needed to start making a change and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

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