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Mindfullness in a Pandemic

Maddie Westbrook, Richmond, VA

During these unprecedented times, it’s easy to get caught up in your own thoughts. Given that we were on this fast paced lifestyle, avoiding reflection, being hit with a period where you stay at home can be overwhelming. For me, it was. Thoughts that were stored in the back of my head finally had the space to come out, overpowering my usually busy mind. It very difficult at first, but throughout this experience so far, I found activities I could turn to in order to release all my thoughts and practice mindfulness.

When I want to have a good day and need assurance, I journal my thoughts. When I am overwhelmed with all the assignments on virtual school, I do yoga. When I feel stuck, I go outside and take my dog for a walk. I now appreciate this time as I find myself falling in love with the little things in life - thing that I ignored before.

If my methods of mindfulness don’t work for you, here are some self care strategies recommended my the Mayo Clinic: participate in regular physical activity, limit screen time, set priorities, support a friend, and eat healthy.


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