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Sanjivani: Nonprofit Healthcare

Dhriti Pentela, Atlanta, GA

The village of Kuchipudi in Andhra Pradesh, India, is the home of the dance style, practiced by dancers globally. So when it was discovered that villagers had to sacrifice large amounts of time to travel to the closest hospital, where they again had to spend more than a day's earning for healthcare, SiliconAndhra took up Project Sanjivani. With the value that access to quality healthcare being everyone's right, the project built a hospital in this rural village from the ground up, fully funded by the generosity of people.

Today, Sanjivani Hospital provides primary care and treatment of preventable diseases through medication and educational outreach for prevention for farmers and other villagers for little to no cost. A huge thanks goes to the doctors, nurses, and medical staff that have dedicated their services to this philanthropic cause. Project Sanjivani has made astonishing progress over the past years, however its growth is far from over. The floors are staffed and beautifully made, however equipment is still scarce, and without proper equipment, there is no way to treat and prevent prominent diseases in the area, such as dengue fever, malaria, cardiac arrest, and maternal/neonatal conditions.

Even if Kuchipudi or any dance form isn't close to your heart, the idea Project Sanjivani is built on - that the access of quality healthcare is everyone's right - is a fundamental value that every individual should try their best to be aware of.


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