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Embracing Diversity

Malak Mohamed, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Diversity is key. In a world full of information, very few people listen. Due to differences in gender, race, age, culture, or opinion, we often ignore each other’s voices, preventing progress. No matter how far knowledge advances, there will be no use if nobody wants to hear it. This is why we must embrace diversity instead of refuting it. When seeing something new, whatever it may be, don’t be repulse, but engaged. “Why?” Asking this simple word can have profound results in actually understanding someone else and how their different view can combine with yours to lead to a better result. This is exemplified in the workplace. The benefits of diversity in the workplace prove it to be a competitive advantage rather than an inclusion fad. This is through variety of different perspectives, increased creativity, higher innovation, faster problem solving, better decision making, increased profits, and improved hiring results. The advantages in the workplace can be applied to life in general, as diversity continues to fuel innovation and encapsulate love.

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