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Dancing to my Own Rhythm

Rory Pan, Johns Creek, GA

Dance is my passion. Although I don’t agree with my mom’s reasoning for joining me in Chinese folk dance - discipline, beauty, femininity - she kept me in, and now I love it. It now positively impacts me as it’s an avenue in which I can really just disappear from the world and be myself and express feelings that aren’t tangible.

As a solo performer and group performer, I hope to communicate one feeling to my audience: happiness. The goal of dancing is to invoke various emotions in the audience through a variety of dances. Each dance has a different meaning. Some of them are really happy, but some of them are really sad, and they want you to feel something deeper than something that’s just on the surface. Aside from being a performer, I also teach younger students at my dance studio. As a teacher, I strives to transfer my love for dance into them and to get them to really view dance as something more than just an after school activity or an exercise.

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